3 Principles to Win this Messy Life

Life is messy.   Truer words have never been spoken. Parents know the messiness in the form of dirty diapers and floors. Employees know the messiness in the form of office politics. Students know the messiness in the form of insecurity about the future. Children...
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Bicurious Investing: How to buy and hold and trend follow at the same time

The fear of the ignorant investor Millennial investors face a unique problem. Many started their careers after the portfolio-slashing 2008 recession, and have only seen a bull market as an active investor. Sounds like a nice problem to have, right? But here’s...
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6 Crucial Ingredients for Sustainable Change

This May be the Only Reference You Need to Become a Successful Change Agent And for everyone who has been a leader for more than a week, this will be a great opportunity to reflect on past mistakes and dissect them, learning where and how to pivot for maximum...
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8 Ways Personal Capital Stopped my Family’s Money Fights

           And how Personal Capital can improve any marriage’s relationship with money       Whenever I hear from married couples, both new and old,  I hear the same money arguments over and over. In a recent poll, finances are the leading cause of...
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Welcome to the Pursuit of Lean!


So glad to have you here, and I’m very excited for us to embark on a journey to lean out our lives together.


But first of all: What does Lean mean? And why should we pursue it?


At first glance, when you think of “Lean,” you might think of:


a Lean body builder?



some Lean meat?



someone who can’t stand up straight?



All good examples, but that’s not the purpose of this blog…


Lean, the Toyota Way


When I say the “pursuit of lean,” I am borrowing from the ideas of the Toyota Production System, also known as “Lean Manufacturing.” Toyota was a pioneer in systems-thinking and continuously improving by relentlessly seeking out wasted time, money, and effort in their operations, and eliminating it.


The goal of this blog is to adapt this lean mentality to some of the major areas of our lives: our health, our productivity, and our finances.


My name is John, and I have spent my entire career applying lean manufacturing processes to some of the most respected names in the industry. I am ruthless when it comes to leaning out an industrial process. Leave only the essential, and remove all the waste. But when I took a step back and looked at my personal life, the trains weren’t all running on time…


My life had picked up: A husband, father of two baby girls, a leader in my church organizations, and additional commitments adding up by the hour; I knew it was time for a change.


I had been drifting through life (quite happily), but was not setting my own priorities – they were being set for meI was becoming overwhelmed, stressed, and dropping balls left and right.


That’s when I decided to pursue a lean mindset in my own life. 


Since making this shift, I have become more productive, more healthy, and financially secure than ever before. And this blog exists to help you all do the same.